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HIV/AIDS Services

HIV/AIDS Services

The HIV test is a simple blood draw from your arm. You will receive education on prevention and counseling if needed.

There are two ways to register for your test

You can have your test done confidentially. With this option, you will give your name, address and phone number to our clerks to start or add to your personal chart. You will have to return to our facility for results. You will not be contacted unless the test is positive.

You can also have your test done anonymously. This is where you can withhold your name, address and phone number. You will be given a numbered sticker at the end of your visit. You MUST bring that sticker back with you to receive your results. This number is the only way to track your results.

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Your test should take about 5-7 business days to get results. If a positive test is resulted, you will receive counseling and a referral to another facility for treatment. If you test is negative, you will receive counseling on prevention.