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Plan Review

The Health department reviews all commercial plans and a plan application must be completed and signed by an Environmentalist prior to being submitted to the Department of Housing Building and Construction.

Plan Review Application
Department of Housing Building and Construction 

Plan Review Fees.  This fee is payable to the Jessamine County Health Department.

Service Description Fee
Plan Review of Plumbing Only $20.00
Food Service Establishment 0-25 seats $30.00
26-50 seats $40.00
51-100 seats $50.00
100 seats or more $60.00
Retail Food Establishment 0-1000 sq feet $35.00
1000-10,000 sq feet $45.00
10,000 sq feet or more $55.00
Schools $50.00
Hotels/Motels Less than 50 units $40.00
50 units or larger $60.00
Daycares $50.00
Tattoo Studios $35.00
Renovations/Additions to any facility $20.00