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Second-hand Smoke Reportedly 3 Times Worse than Average (2018 article)

Starting November 26, 2017, tobacco companies must run court-ordered TV and newspaper ads that tell the truth about smoking and secondhand smoke. Learn more by visiting the following website:

Leaders Hear Reasons to Pursue Jessamine Smoking Ban at Smoke-Free Forum (2015 article)

Smoke Free Establishments in Jessamine County Jessamine County Health Department developed and maintains a database of the smoking status of all establishments inspected by JCHD Environmentalist due to KRS. See the FY 2016-2017 Inspection Report.

Smoke-Free Schools

100% of Jessamine County Schools are smoke-free! Please click here for a complete listing of Smoke-Free Schools in Kentucky. List updated November 2017

Smoke Free Establishment Inquiry

The Jessamine County Health Department is able to offer technical assistance to any local business/manufacturer with the development of a smoke-free policy. For more information contact Shana Peterson 859-885-4149 x 1006 or

Results from the 2006 & 2017 Tobacco/Clean Indoor Air Surveys

2006 Jessamine County Tobacco Clean Indoor Survey Summary
2017 Jessamine County Tobacco Clean Indoor Survey Summary

See the 2013 public opinion poll that show a majority are in favor of a smoke-free Jessamine County. Read the report.


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